Ever Wanted A Legit Way to

Make A Few Extra Dollars

A Month?

In Your Spare Time

Without Working Another Job...

Using Only Your Phone or Laptop?

Sometimes all you need is a few extra bucks a month.

  • $100 – $300 to pay off debt
  • go out for dinner and a movie a couple times
  • buy extra books for the kids
  • get a special gift for someone special

For most people, $100 – $300 extra dollars a month can make a difference in our lives. 

Things like:

Eating better food, having a car that runs, wearing shoes that fit, and more!

After seeing hundreds of comments and questions from …

single moms

single dads

college students

new entrepreneurs wanting to make a few hundred extra dollars

I went to work.

I looked in my own inventory of Make Money goodies and quickly realized…

These people aren't looking for a business opportunity…

They're not looking for a second job…

They're looking for something they can do in their spare time!

This Is What I Came Up With!

make money 1 hour day

 I found, and verified, legitimate sites offering ways to make money in less than 1 hour.

Put a few of these sites together and BOOM!

You can easily make extra dollars a month in LESS than 1 hour a day!

Some of these things I do myself.

Others I've tried.

And those I haven't actually done –

I verified through research on social media  …

Who was saying a site was Legit or a Scam? 

How did they prove it was Legit or a Scam?

Here's my first week of December, 2019 on Fiverr

See what I mean? 

It's some extra money,

not a second job.

I put in about 3 hours total.

I could do more if I wanted to 

(Pssst – I did and in 2020 I made well over $20K on Fiverr – in my spare time)

fiverr earnings for 1 week

What's Inside

Customers Say ...

Kathy Porter - Information Professional

“Less than an Hour a Day” is a quick read with lots of payout.  Charlene Burke's guide to using a variety of websites and apps to make extra money is concise and can appeal to a wide variety of readers.  If you have an hour a day to make a few dollars or are between jobs and can make more, this guide will point you to the right places. Burke includes the tasks, pay scale and reimbursement methods. Links are provided so there is no lost time hunting for the right spot. There are a couple of sites that I think I'll try.

Mindy McInstoch-Shetter - The Outlander Botanist

Time is money and money is time but this guide is worth both. No fluff, just the facts makes it a refreshing read that is easy to use and presents in honest language what the financial possibilities are along with time required for that level of success of each income source. The best part is the fact that you can apply for any of the income sources right there with a simple click, no searching them out.

As they say though, proof is in the pudding so while I sat in my car waiting for a train to go by on my way home I applied for one of the gigs detailed in the eBook. Believe it or not, I had a job offer waiting for me when I got home on my Smartphone. In a nutshell, this guide is a necessity if you hope to make money in those gaps of spare time that everyone has in their schedule, even if it takes place while waiting for a train. 

dee power http://BrianHIllAndDeePower.com
Dee Power - author of several commercially published books

Most “How to Make Money Online” guides give you vague generalities. Not so with Charlene Burke's “Make Money In Less than One Hour A Day” Guide. She gives you specific instructions on where to go what to do, how you're paid, how much you're paid and when you're paid. Pretty much everything you need to know to get started.

Nearly two dozen ways to earn money with just a smart phone, lap top and Internet connection. No blog, no website needed. If one method isn't your cup of tea there are lots of other choices.

Paid activities range from getting paid to search online, completing surveys, reviewing websites and software among a number of other activities. Love to shop?

Get paid to do it. Love to watch movies? Get paid to do it.

Some activities require no prior experiences while other require familiarity with the product/service or software.

In an hour a day, it's very possible to make enough for a nice lunch at a family restaurant. Add that up over a week's time and you can increase your income by a few hundred dollars a month. Not bad at all.

“Make Money in Less than One Hour a Day” also lets you know of any restrictions such as the number of tasks you can complete or whether the task has to be completed within a certain time limit.

All I can say is Good Job Charlene!

This Short Guide Can Be Yours For Only $7

Why so cheap?

Well, if you're looking to make extra money a month

Chances are good you aren't able to afford the $45 this guide is worth.

How can I help you if you can't afford the solution?


Okay – that's my pitch! LOL

$7 and this 15 page guide is yours.

Oh, it also includes a Resource List

so you can see the products and tools I use in my business –

to make money every day. 

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