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Michelle Demers

creator of the Power of 15 program, just finished a short call with Charlene and says ...

Katherine Autin

CEO of Parkinson Partners and has been an entrepreneur, owning multiple businesses, for 37 years. Parkinson Partners offers patient advocacy to those with Parkinson's Disease and their family members, manages support groups, and offers training to healthcare service providers. 

Irene Pro

Irene Pro - ICK Communications, We Are Beautiful Magazines, Graphic Artist shares how Charlene Burke helped her to get focused so she could raise her prices, deal with a client, and get more clients.

The end of 2019 is almost here. There's still so much left to do, isn't there?

Sales efforts
Marketing efforts
New customer onboarding
Old customer follow ups
Product creation efforts
Delivery of products and/or services

Now add family obligations - friends who want to see you ... in person! - hobbies you've neglected - maybe caregiving is an issue.

You're overwhelmed, feeling frazzled and scattered, and ready to just crawl under the covers.

You’re saying

“I don’t want … or don’t know how … to do the research - give me the Cliff’s Notes version, tell me what to do next, then be available for me to touch base to make sure I’m on the right track”


“I have way too much happening and need clarity about what I should work on - now! - that will have the biggest impact on my business”

In the 11+ years I've been in business, I've had many, many clients refer to me as their secret weapon.

Because I have the ability to identify what needs your attention in your business, what is causing the problem, what the solution is for faster results.

My 12 years of engineering experience combined with my 30 years of marketing experience, mixed with my own research into psychology and neuroscience and my inherent need to find the root cause in a situation, enables me to ask questions that you wouldn't think to ask, and gives me a perspective you wouldn't know how to have.

I've had clients hire me for 1 month for 1:1 consultation and get answers and options for these kind of questions:

who should I be marketing to?
my marketing message isn't working, what's wrong?
should I be charging more for my services?
with multiple tentacles to my business, where should I focus my attention for the next 6 months?
what do I do, every day, to get more leads?
I want multiple streams of income but don't know where to start to create them.
why are my landing pages not getting me the leads I want?
how do I know which product really is the best seller?
social media is eating up my time but that's where my leads are coming from, how can I be more efficient?
what should I be outsourcing and to whom should I outsource to?
too many shiny objects! how do I figure out what I should be doing next?
I struggle with focus. I tend to do a little of everything and accomplish very little. I have so many ideas and things to do, I struggle with where to start.
help me to stop procrastinating?

While my client base is small to medium-sized businesses, I have worked 1:1 with special clients, usually solo entrepreneurs. A few have included:

A magazine publisher -
Moving into a consultant role, I guided her to charge more for her services, what types of contracts to have clients sign, and walked her through the sales conversation. Within 14 days she landed a recurring payment client that then referred another client to her. Her business revenue increased over $4K/month and she now has the tools and confidence to reach her goal of 5x more by year end.

An organizational development consultant -
Seeking a solution on how to help a manufacturing client streamline the customer experience. Brought me into the client’s leadership meeting to learn the issues, ask questions, get information. I created a plan to set up teams that included 1 customer service/inside sales person/1 account manager/1 outside sales rep. Each outside sales rep already had assigned territories, so the team was now in place to work with those customers. Implementation took 6 months to finalize because it included the hiring and training of a national sales manager and an outside sales rep and streamlining the internal customer database/order entry system.

The CMO of a multi-million dollar marketing agency -
New to the position, wanted someone to be a sounding board while navigating the “wreckage” of the company’s previous CMO. Repairing relationships between co-workers, gaining the trust of managers, stepping into a leadership position in a new city, a new company, a new home. Within two months was recognized and respected by the C-suite leadership team and the middle management leadership teams, proven by their participation in the development of a new service offering that brought in $155K in sales during the beta launch.

A real estate investor -
Wanted to create a powerful weekend mastermind program that would offer more than what was being offered by competitors and limited to 12 commercial real estate sales professionals. We designed a program that included a daily and weekly accountability segment that insured the attendees’ success in their first 30 days. The investor implemented the program 5 months later and says the results were much better than anticipated and will be doing the same program again, with plans to hold this mastermind group weekend 3x/year.

  • A corporate recruiter
  • A leadership coach/consultant
  • An employee/labor relationships specialist with a federal government agency
  • A regional sales vice president
  • A CEO of a patient advocacy firm

I have room on my calendar for 4 clients who want to stop the overwhelm, get focused, so they can finish 2019 strong and be ready for 2020.

Are you ready to work on only that which will get you more sales, more revenue, more profits for your business?

Then get on my calendar, now.

1 month of working together, meeting virtually for one hour at a time, you promise to provide me with the information I need and I promise to get you the answers you need.

Click the link below and let's do this.

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