This is Session 1 an AMA about getting started on Fiverr.

Ask Me Anything

Session 1 - Basic Questions

About How To Create A Successful

Seller Profile and Gigs

On Fiverr

It was in October, 2019 that I decided I would create a Fiverr Seller profile that offered 1 Gig.

Today I offer 3 Gigs and most of my projects are Custom Offers – people who message me on the platform and ask if I can do a specific type of email sequence or write for a niche or write copy for something else…VSL, landing page, sales page, etc.

I used Fiverr to first test the market. I wanted to know if people would purchase specific email sequences.

Then, I wanted to test the limits of pricing. At first I just wanted to make a couple of thousand dollars a month and not work all day, every day.

I've leveraged the 5-star reviews to land retainer clients that pay me between $250 and $4,000 per month. Some on quarterly contracts, some on annual agreements.

Here's the deal:

Too many people are waiting for the ‘right' time…

the ‘right' opportunity…

To make money online. 

You might be one of them who has skills and yet

you haven't decided on exactly how to sell those skills. 

You watch as others use those skills to make money and sometimes say 

I could have done that!

You watch as others promote their service on Facebook and get comments and engagement and then – 

they come back and post updates about orders they've received, 

and you ask “How did they do that?”

Then when they tell you think “I could have done that but…

Whatever your excuse – whatever your reason for not taking action to sell your skills and start making money…

You can stop now. 

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelancers of every skill level – 

and for Buyers of every budget level. 

Not long ago I offered an AMA Get Started on Fiverr session to my Facebook group members – women copywriters. Those who attended got specific answers to their questions. 

I took those question and created a video to answer them. 

No hype. No promises of income. Just assurance that you can make a good income – and how. 

This is the first session. The second and third may be completed before the end of the year. Instead of waiting until they were finished, I decided to offer this first session. 

This AMA is for you to get answers to how to get started on Fiverr. 

Typical questions I get include:

  1. Does Fiverr really allow you to charge more than $5?
  2. This is the service I was considering, will it sell?
  3. How do I pick a service to sell?
  4. Is my profile like a resume?
  5. How do I create a video of written work?
  6. Do I have to use my real headshot?
  7. Is it ok to use a business logo?
  8. I don't want to use my real name – what do I do?
  9. How much does it cost?
  10. How do I get my first order?

I answer these questions, and a few more, in this First Session video.

Included with your order is:

14 minute video

MindMap of QandA – PDF

Resource Sheet – PDF

Get Your Answers to How YOU Can Get Started on Fiverr Now!

AMA Session 1 Fiverr